Oasys Property Solutions (OPS) is an award-winning Bristol-based property design and project management company.

OPS have undertaken many high quality residential projects.

OPS are able to offer a turnkey solution, much like a design & build company.  However, OPS unashamedly differ from a typical design & build company; rather than the building work being undertaken by employees on the payroll, OPS prefer to maintain a defined independence from the trades undertaking the build; thus ensuring the project is delivered to the highest quality, and no underlying motivation to compromise on quality to maximise profit.

OPS clients regularly commend this approach, and value having one key individual who has a thorough understanding of the project from concept to completion, both in terms of design and delivery.

Recent Projects

  • 22NR extension, remodelling & refurbishment
  • 27BR refurbishment & remodelling
  • 39UCR extension & remodelling
  • 6IR garden room extension